How to get there

For visitors coming in from Madrid, there are a number of ways to travel to Las Heras, but by far the fastest is to fly from the capital to Barcelona. Following the one-hour flight, travellers can easily hop on the high-speed train, which delivers its passengers to Girona in just half an hour.

For guests travelling directly from Barcelona, the high-speed train to Girona remains the quickest option, although one can similarly catch a bus or drive. Travellers opting for the latter should head for the AP-7 motorway; the drive should take no longer than an hour.

Those who opt to travel to Girona station by train or bus, should continue their journey to Las Heras via car or taxi. The drive takes roughly 15 minutes along the gi-531 (take the Canet d’Adri direction before turning off to the right along the Giv-5312 in the Cartella direction).

There are many international flights daily to Girona Airport, from where visitors can either take a bus to Girona station, or drive directly to Las Heras.