Everywhere there are stories.
It does not matter whether they are true or not;
whatever you listen to will colour your view.
Stories become the context for seeing.

Las Heras

An imagined future.


of an



Las Heras is a beautiful and historic terrain near Girona in north-east Spain.
The house and grounds are in a constant state of evolution and, as such, this narrative of change bridges their past and their unknowable future. For the book, the present is paramount.
Within these pages, a history is unfurled, the story of a possible moment is woven, and all the while, the land is cast as the central protagonist. I hope the reader will feel that they are welcome to come and enjoy, or even to contribute to, the evolution.
Las Heras is somewhere between a hotel, a retreat and a place of education. Moreover, it is a spot upon which to enjoy the simple pleasure of being. Will AlsopJanuary 2014