Escalibar means to cook a product directly over the flames or on glowing coals (holm oak charcoal if possible). It is a dish consisting of roasted vegetables, low in calories and with a high fibre content.


First of all the charcoal grill or fire have to be prepared. Some dry branches are arranged and set alight and left until only the glowing coals are left.

Clean the vegetables and dry them carefully so that each piece can then be roasted over the flame or even better over glowing coals, checking them individually to see when they are ready. The first vegetables to be roasted will be the aubergine, then the peppers, the potatoes, and finally the onions.

They are wrapped in brown paper for a few minutes to retain their juices and the aroma, and also so that they can be peeled more easily.

The vegetable are peeled directly without touching water, as otherwise they lose their flavour. Finally, they are placed on each person’s plate, and each person adds oil, salt and vinegar to taste.