Pa amb tomàquet with cold meats

Sometimes, to savour the best food it is not necessary to prepare a very elaborate dish, it is enough to look to our customs, and just make some pa amb tomàquet. It can be eaten by itself, with charcuterie products, meat, fish … it goes well with everything.


Traditional Catalan pa amb tomàquet is usually a slice of typical “peasant” bread which is toasted and then tomato is rubbed over it. Some people like to rub garlic over the toasted bread before spreading the tomato, to give a spicy flavour.

Then, as well as adding oil and salt, it is usual to accompany the bread with ham or traditional Catalan charcuterie products. As well as being a good solution for a getting a meal ready in a hurry, many consider pa amb tomàquet to be the best kind of Catalan fast food as it contains the best of the Mediterranean diet. It is therefore a nutritious breakfast or snack for old people and for children, as everybody likes its flavour.