Herder’s Soup

This is a thyme soup which gets its name from the occupation of the local inhabitants, as in this area many animals were kept. The soup was used to keep the shepherds warm in the long winters and also has many properties: digestive, anti-parisitic, expectorant, tonic …


First the fire has to be prepared. Some dry branches are arranged and set alight. Once the fire has died done we place a pot with water on it to boil with some sprigs of thyme and some salt. 

In the meantime toast 3 slices of very thinly sliced bread, and while still hot rub garlic over them and place them in the soup dish. Add olive oil. Break the egg over the bread. We place the slices of bread and the egg into the pot until it is cooked. Let stand for a few minutes and then serve.

This dish is normally served in an earthenware bowl, which is very typical in Catalonia.