Snails with Sauce

There are many ways to prepare this dish, as there are many variants for the sauce. This is a dish that has been cooked in Catalan territory since remote times.


Clean the snails for seven days with flour and a handful of fennel. Wash with plenty of cold water in a bowl. The water has to be changed as many times as necessary, no snail slime should be left. Once clean, boil the snails with the herbs: thyme, rosemary and a bay leaf, and a pinch of salt, for an hour and a half.

Set aside the water that was used to boil the snails to add to the sauce later if it needs to be thinned. 

While the snails are boiling we will fry the spring onion, leek, garlic (unpeeled), the chorizo, bacon and ham, finely chopped. Once everything is lightly browned, we add the paprika, tomato and salt. 

Place all the fried ingredients in a pan, also the thyme, rosemary and bay leaf we have used before. Heat over a low heat stirring occasionally, adding the snails and leave it to cook for 40 minutes. For a thinner sauce, add the water used to boil the snails.