There is a place near Girona that is beautiful. A place apart, full of terrain, woods, views and opportunity. It is emerging as a place of invention, learning and imagination. High on a hill there is activity, a hum of a new breed of rough luxury.

This place looks like this:

In the centre of the land is a house that has been built over many centuries. It is an evolving house with a tangibly layered history.

The house looks like this:

After sundown, people gather in the garden of shadows to eat, drink, talk and prepare to dream. The world shrinks below a night sky, as Las Heras begins to feel like the only place on earth.

At night the house looks like this:

The inside of the house gives views to the land. There are many rooms – some quite opulent, others the reserve of cattle, all with history.

From inside, the land looks like this:

Its 300 hectares are accounted for by hills, valleys, woods and four ruins. At one time people lived in the ruins and farmed. The land has olive trees, vines, water, vegetables, pigs and all manner of produce to feed the people who enjoy this place.

The land looks like this:

The ruins of Can Blan, Can Manel and Can Pustís serve both as reminders of the past and as monuments to change. These glorious relics of lives lived at Las Heras punctuate the time spent here and allow us to inhabit its history.

Can Blan looks like this:

Can Manel is the most remote and is carpeted by a rash of flowers. We can see the carved stone sink in the kitchen waiting to receive some water.

Can Manel looks like this:

Can Pustís is situated on an old and ancient road, its substantial walls making it appear almost habitable; the roofless rooms still contain a residue of life.

Can Pustís looks like this:

Can Bailó is complete and habitable. This retreat stands alongside a meadow which leads the eye and the mind to an unknown place; it is emblematic of a simple way of life with pig fat lamps to brighten the night. Since it was not as dilapidated as the others, this ruin has been renovated as a place to sleep, cook, eat and rest. Here, visitors are able to live as many others have before, taking their showers in the woods, their soaks in the hot tub. A view into the future.

Can Bailó looks like this:

The land is beautiful. It provides infinite opportunity to find the right picnic places, varied walks, and many surprises.

Here are some places: